Asia, Afghanistan, Koh-i-Mondi and Koh-i-Jumi

Publication Year: 1966.

Koh-i-Mondi and Koh-i-Jumi. The Ohita Hindu Kush Expedition was led by Makoto Yano and consisted of Makoto Nishi, Hidenori Umeki, Kazuki Mimeno, Hidehiko Kato and Yukio Eto. They climbed in the mountains above Tilli in the Munjan valley. Camp I was placed at 13,875 feet on June 28 and Camp II at 16,800 feet next day. On July 3 Nishi, Umeki and Eto reached the top of Koh-i-Mondi (20,500 feet) and shortly afterwards they stood on the summit of Koh-i-Jumi (19,750 feet). (Both peaks were climbed for the first time on July 26, 1962 by Germans from Bamberg, Otto Reus, Hanno Vogel and Sepp Ziegler. —Editor.) They failed on Mir Samir.

Ichiro Yoshizawa, Japanese Alpine Club