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Asia, Afghanistan, Kuh-e-Hevad, Qala Panja, Wakhan

Kuh-e-Hevad, Qala Panja, Wakhan. A Czech expedition, led by Vladimir Sedivy and consisting of Rudolf Antonicek, Rudolf Cervinka, Milan Daniel, Ivan Gálfy, Vilém Heckel, Miroslav Jaskovsky, Radovan Kuchar, Miles Matras, Josef Psotka, Bedrich Roger, Ivan Urbanovic and Jaromir Wolf, climbed in northern Afghanistan. They drove from Prag to Ish- murch (or Ishmara), south of the Oxus valley in the Wakhan corridor, where they arrived after a month’s trip on July 17. Base Camp was at the head of the Ishmurch glacier at 12,150 feet. The valley enters to the south with a short spur dividing it at the head and a longer spur on the west, dividing the main eastern section from the smaller western part. They concentrated on the main part, where they climbed most of the peaks. The ascents were as follows: starting from north to south on the longer Western spur, Zub (Tooth) (16,798 feet) August 3 by Antonicek, Gálfy, Jaskovsky, Psotka, Urbanovic; P 5387 (17,674 feet) August 25 by Cernvinka, Gálfy, Jaskovsky, Urbanovic; Kuh-e-Meena, East Peak (20,309 feet) August 9 by Antonicek, Cervinka, Gálfy, Jaskovsky, Sedivy, Urbanovic and the Afghan Ekram (they did not climb the main peak) ; Kuh-e- Hevad (22,470 feet) August 20 by Kuchar, Matras, Psotka; Kuh-e-Mar- kaza (19,226 feet) August 28 by Antonicek, Sedivy. At the head of the valley west of short spur: Kuh-e:Ariana (19,620 feet) August 17 by Antonicek, Cervinka, Gálfy, Heckel, Jaskovsky, Urbanovic. On the short spur from north to south: Kuh-e-Spartakida (16,420 feet) July 29 by Cervinka, Heckel, Psotka; Kuh-e-Akademie (16,568 feet) July 28 by Daniel, Sedivy, Wolf and the Afghan Ekram; Kuh-e-Uparisina, West Peak (19,751 feet) August 10 by Heckel, Kuchar, Matras, Psotka. On the eastern rim of the valley from the junction of the short spur towards the north: Kuh-e-Uparisina, East Peak (20,374 feet) August 28 by Kuchar, Matras, Psotka; Peak south of Ancshah pass (17,306 feet) July 28 by Cervinka, Heckel, Roger and July 29 by Daniel, Sedivy (they did not climb a 5000 and two 6000-meter peaks north of the pass) ; Kuh-e-James (20,210 feet) and Kuh-e-Barfi (19,718 feet) August 27 by Antonicek, Cervinka, Gálfy, Heckel, Jaskovsky, Sedivy, Urbanovic; Qala Panja (20,- 755 feet) August 28 by Antonicek, Cervinka, Gálfy, Heckel, Jaskovsky, Sedivy, Urbanovic, Wolf.

A. Diemberger, Österreichischer Alpenklub