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South America, Argentina, Cordón de los Chorrillos and Nevado Plomo

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  • Publication Year: 1966

Cordón de los Chorrillos and Nevado Plomo. We of the Spanish Alpine Club Expedition managed to reach all our objectives, making 14 first ascents and a new route on the Nevado Plomo. Twelve of the first ascents were in the Cordón de los Chorrillos. On January 10 we set up Base Camp at 12,000 feet. The next day Miguel Gómez and Antonio Riaño explored the approaches to the Chorrillos range and climbed Cerro Rojo Spur (14,173 feet) and Cerro Rojo (14,764 feet) while Carlos Fernandez, Dr. Mariano Anglada, Miguel Moreno and Adolfo Jiménez reconnoitered. From camp at 13,750 feet on the 13th Gómez, Moreno, Riaño and Jiménez climbed the Contrafuerte de los Españoles (15,748 feet). The first two then climbed the Central Spur of the Glacier de los Españoles (16,568 feet) and Cerro Acuña-Brasas (16,897 feet), while the other two explored the upper part of the same glacier and climbed Cerro Rabadá-Navarro (16,929 feet). On the 14th Gómez and Moreno explored the lower part of the Glacier de los Españoles and climbed the Glacier de los Cerros del Potrero Escondido, ascending Cerro del Gaucho (16,568 feet), Cerro Gredord (16,634 feet) and Cerro Francisco Ibanez (17,257 feet). Jiménez and Fernández climbed Cuerno Sur (16,076 feet). The next day Gómez and Moreno reached the summits of Hispanidad (17,487 feet), C.A.E. (17,881 feet) and Amezua (17,553 feet). On the 18th Gómez, Moreno and Riaño climbed to a bivouac camp at 16,500 feet to try a new route on the east-northeast face of the Nevado del Plomo (19,849 feet). They reached the summit at three p.m. the next day, having passed over two unclimbed summits of 17,881 and 17,782 feet, which they called Beta 1 and Beta 2.

Fernando Félix Fernández, Club Alpino Español

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