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South America, Peru, Aguja Nevada, Cordillera Blanca

Aguja Nevada, Cordillera Blanca. An Italian expedition, sponsored by the Monza section of the Club Alpino Italiano, was led by Giancarlo Frigieri and composed of Gianni Arcari, Ferdinando Nusdeo, Carlo Casati, Angelo Pizzoccolo and Vasco Taldo. Base Camp was on the Laguna ParĂ³n at 13,750 feet. Camp I was at 16,375 feet, Camp II at 17,400 feet and Camp III, an ice-cave at 18,900 feet. An attempt by a ridge failed. After over three weeks of struggling to this point, finally on June 25 Arcari, Pizzoccolo and Taldo attacked a wall and climbed steep ice steps to reach the summit (19,308 feet). They also climbed two other peaks.

Piero Meciani, Club Alpino Italiano