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Exploring the Olympic Peninsula

Exploring the Olympic Peninsula by Ruth Kirk. Seattle: University Press, 1964. 120 pages, illustrations. Paperback, $1.95.

Ruth Kirk and her husband are both outdoor enthusiasts, outstanding outdoor photographers, and spend much of their free time exploring remote areas in the Olympic National Park. This book starts with an early history and description of the peninsula. The next section gives road guides of the areas around the peninsula and in the park. This is followed by a trail guide which gives the important trails of the different sections of the park. Each section is illustrated with an excellent map by Dee Molenaar. The final section is a directory giving roads, centers of population, byways to explore, ferries, public transportation, picnic areas, particular fishing areas, where to find clams, oysters, and crabs, and other information about the peninsula of interest to outdoorsmen. The last page has an excellent reading list for the peninsula. The book is beautifully illustrated with pictures by the author.

George W. Martin