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Chicago Mountaineering Club

Chicago Mountaineering Club. During the past year the club again sponsored monthly outings at Devils Lake, Wisconsin, and Mississippi Palisades, Illinois. Club membership is larger than ever with attendance at outings running very high. The large number of novice climbers has prompted us to intensify our safety program, and a new feature of the program is directed toward qualifying all climbers as belayers. This program will train climbers to handle belays more effectively when they are climbing in the mountains. Also, the club continues to assist and make recommendations to the Wisconsin State Park Service in their safety program.

During the past year our members climbed with the Iowa Mountaineers in Canada; with the A.C.C. in the French Military Group and in various parts of Europe. Don and Gwen Simpson climbed in Africa on Mounts Kenya and Kilimanjaro. Four members climbed in Wyoming’s Wind Rivers, selecting a site for the 1965 western outing in the vicinity of Clear Lake and Deep Lake near Temple Peak.

George Pokorny, Vice-President