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The British Columbia Mountaineering Club

The British Columbia Mountaineering Club. The 1964 climbing season was an active one for Vancouver’s British Columbia Mountaineering Club. Fifty-two trips of varying difficulty were scheduled, and a 10% increase over last year’s attendance presages an even more ambitious program in 1965. Despite the summer’s record-breaking poor weather, exploration continued at a heartening pace, especially in the Coastal Ranges. Approximately 45 first ascents there have been reported by club members, and quite a few new routes were also completed. Outstanding events of the season included the first ascent of an 11,000-foot peak “discovered” recently by surveyors in the southern Canadian Rockies; and the ascent of Serra Five tower, which had been regarded as the highest unclimbed peak in provincial Canada. The club’s summer camp in the Taseko Lakes (Falls River) area was most successful with 30 climbs completed, of which 16 were first ascents, several of which were summits of over 10,000 feet elevation. Besides areas already mentioned, other regions actively explored by club members this year include the Remote Peak Group of the Waddington Range, the "Pantheon Range” east of Klinaklini River, the northern rim of Monarch Icecap, and the northern Bella Coola Valley.

A forthcoming guidebook to the Coastal Ranges of British Columbia should be on the market before next summer.

Dick Culbert, Climbing Committee Chairman