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Alpenbock Climbing Club

Alpenbock Climbing Club. In January the club sponsored Barry Corbet’s colored slide showing “Assault on Everest.” A turnout of 350 people attended this outstanding program, and proceeds from it were given to the Mount Everest Foundation to help defray costs of the American expedition.

The summer season found a number of members in Teton National Park, where Bob Irvine and Rick Reese were seasonal park rangers. Ted Wilson along with Steve Ellsworth and Mark McQuarrie completed new climbs on the granite around Salt Lake. The Bell-Tower route, after defying two earlier attempts, fell to Ellsworth and McQuarrie. Rick Reese and Rich Ream climbed on Haystack and Steeple Peaks in the Wind Rivers.

The club’s outstanding program was a two-day technical rock-climbing seminar under the instruction of Royal Robbins. Twenty-five of the area’s top climbers attended. Practice in both free and artificial aid climbing was done with emphasis on technique and safety. This program was so successful and interesting that it will be planned on a yearly basis in the future.

Bob Springmeyer was elected president for 1965, with Rick Reese as Activities Director.

Rich Ream