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A.A.C., Oregon Section

A.A.C., Oregon Section. The Oregon Section has begun tests on the various types of ice screws and ice pitons currently available on the open market. We hope to continue these tests extensively in 1965 and to have substantial data available in the fall. Our current plan is to make these tests a continuing activity from year to year.

Jack Baldwin and the Alpinees Mountaineering Club have prepared a fine report on their cable rescue system. This is a portable system that has been in operation for a long time and one that has been used on many rescues. A copy of the report was forwarded to the A.A.C., and additional copies are available from Jack Baldwin at Hood River, Oregon.

We were pleased to have visits from such notable people as Saburo Matsukata, president of the Japanese Alpine Club, Barry Bishop of Mount Everest fame, and Willi Unsoeld, also an Everester, who is current director of the Peace Corps in Nepal.

Climbing activity found Guido Rahr in Europe, Bob Lee in Mexico, Ross Petrie in the Mount Robson area of the Canadian Rockies, Willi Unsoeld in Nepal, Fred Ayres in Peru and teaching at the university there, George Austin in England, and others doing plenty of climbing in the United States.

John Day held a mountain rescue demonstration and training conference at his ranch in southern Oregon in September for numerous interested agency personnel. The training sessions were under the supervision of several Section members together with members of the Wy’East Climbers. This was a very successful conference and exposed more than 200 people to the problems of climbing and rescue work.

Ray Conkling, Chairman