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Asia, Russia, U.S.S.R, Soviet Climbs in Asia, 1963

Soviet Climbs in Asia, 1963. Russian climbers continue to be active in the high mountains of Asia. Reported in Alpinismus were the first ascent of the southeast ridge of Pik Engels (21,359 feet) in the southwest Pamirs by a group of six Moscow climbers led by W. Nekrasow in six days of difficult rock climbing; the first ascent of an 18,520-foot peak which they called Pik Nils Bohr in the western Pamirs by a group of Russian students accompanied by the Czech Frantisek Janouch; the first ascent of the north face of Pik Kirgkistan (15,880 feet) on the edge of the Tien-Shan by four climbers led by B. Studenin, a most difficult wall of 3500 feet which took five days; the ascent of Kysyl-Agyn (21,913 feet) in the Transalai range by Kirgiz climbers under W. Freifeld.