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Asia, Afghanistan, Stuttgart Hindu Kush Expedition, 1963

Stuttgart Hindu Kush Expedition, 1963. Rolf Reiser, leader, Dieter Grundig, Alfred Kehrle and Wolfgang Lutz traveled up the Panjir valley, over the Anjuman Pass to Anjuman and thence east into the Bologron valley, where they set up Base Camp at 14,000 feet on August 22, 1963. In the next month they climbed some 20 peaks which varied in altitude from 16,650 to 18,900 feet. These included ascents by several routes of Koh-i-Bologron (17,553 feet) and, from a high camp at 16,650 feet, of Koh-i-Safed (18,900 feet), Kolei Sine Barfi (18,700 feet) and two other 18,000ers. Bergkamerad, Vol. 14, 1964, gives details.