Asia, India, Tharkot, Kumaon and Hathi Parbat, Garhwal

Publication Year: 1965.

Tharkot, Kumaon and Hathi Varbat, Garhwal. Indians made several ascents in 1963, which were not reported in the A.A.J., 1964. On June 1 Tharkot (20,010 feet) was climbed by K. P. Sharma, B. B. Ambastha, K. S. Thapa and the Sherpas Lhakpa and Hisse. On June 6 and 7 Sonam Gyatso, Lt. Kaushal, H. C. Rawat, Thondup Tsering, Lakpa Tensing, D. S. Sisodia, Dawa Norbu and Sonam Wangyal made the first ascent of Hathi Parbat (27,070 feet). Doubt has been cast about whether two peaks claimed by Indian expeditions were actually climbed or not. These are Nilkantha (A.A.J., 1962, 13:1, p. 272) and Matri (A.A.J., 1964, 14:1, p. 231.) It appears that the girls, Gira Shah, Kokila Mehta and Nandini Patel, with the photographer Rashmi Painter and three Sherpas probably ascended the Thelu Bamak (glacier) and climbed P. 19,690 feet rather than Matri.