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South America, Chile, Central Chile

Central Chile. In March 1963 four University of Chile students led by C. Marangunic climbed in the group between the Christ the Redeemer and the Gemelos from a base in the Navarro valley and ascended as firsts: Navarro (14,961 feet), Zoológico (15,584 feet), Cola de Mono (15,847 feet); and a new route, the south ridge, of Valeria (15,748 feet). Three students from the same campus made the first ascent of the Puntilla Alta or Torre Pangal (14,820 feet) where the Whitelocks had previously failed. The group was under Eduardo García. They also climbed for the first time Puntilla III (13,780 feet) and Cabeza del Glaciar (14,108 feet). O. Corón and H. Honorato made the first ascent of Punta Campamento (13,780 feet) on February 14, 1963.

Evelio EchevarrÍa C.