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South America, Peru, Peruvian Ascents

Peruvian Ascents. Schoolboys made several first ascents this year. The Director of the Ministry of Education, Juan José Vega, has offered the maximum cooperation, along with the Director of Physical Education, Carlos Rojas, to the development of schoolboy mountaineering. On May 29 students of the Club Andino Escolar 387 of Naván made the first ascent of Parag (5000 meters or 16,404 feet) in the Cordillera Raura. The leader was Narciso Robles and the climbers B. Liberato, A. Caceres, J. Conejo, J. Rementerio, E. Méndez, A. Calzado and R. Guerrero. On August 31 students from the same club made the first ascent of Yarahuayna (5190 meters or 17,028 feet) also in the Raura. The leader was again Robles and the climbers were B. and R. Liberato, A. and J. Conejo, E. Leon, F. Caceres, A. Calzado, N. Blanco, and B. Ponciano. Also in the Raura, on September 12 Shalauya (4760 meters or 15,617 feet) was climbed for the first time by teachers and students, M. Luna, C. Torres, S. Cayetano, U. Jiménez, A. Ventosilla, C. Papa, J. Leon, and D. and B. Jiménez, who were carrying out a school teaching experiment. Another first ascent was made on December 6 in the same group of Auqín (5010 meters or 16,437 feet) by a delegation of the communes, teachers and students of Cochamarca led by the Education Inspector César Egúsquiza. The climbers were the teachers M. Luna and C. Torres and the students Doris Luna (9 years old), J. Papa, U. Sacramento, B. Jiménez, S. Cayetano, E. Dolores, J. and A. Leon, V. and T. Lucas and the commune members A. Collazos, T. Lucas and S. Jiménez. Allincapac II (5500 meters or 18,045 feet) in the Cordillera Carabaya was climbed for the second time by G. Murillo and M. Tomayconza on July 20. On August 25 S. Ramos, I. and P. Maniniy and C. Ledesma made the first ascent of Chuspi (5400 meters or 17,717 feet) in the Cordillera Huaytapallana. They approached from Huancayo through Acopalca and the Reina mine and first made four attempts up the south glacier. A. Soriano and N. Ramos made the first ascent of Rocarre (5187 meters or 17,018 feet) in the Cordillera Negra on October 12. In the Cordillera La Viuda A. Soriano and J. Jerna made the first ascent of Venturosa Norte (5100 meters or 16,733 feet) on September 10 and of Venturosa Central (5050 meters or 16,568 feet) on October 15.

César Morales Arnao, Club Andino Peruano