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Mountain Rescue Techniques

Mountain Rescue Techniques by Wastl Mariner. First English edition translated by Otto T. Trott, M.D. and Kurt G. Beam; edited by Harvey H. Manning and Howard R. Miller. Innsbruck: Oesterreichischer Al-penverein, 1964. 195 pages, 117 sketches. Distributed in North America by The Mountaineers and Mountain Rescue Council of Seattle. Price $2.75.

During the last decade Neuzeitliche Bergettungstechnik has become the standard mountain rescue text throughout the world. Its popularity in the United States is indicated by the great demand for the unauthorized partial translation that was widely circulated during the 1950’s. The translators have performed a very real service for the mountain rescue movement in North America by producing this volume at this time.

Even so, Mountain Rescue Techniques must be considered as an interim step at best in the development of technical rescue literature on this continent. The problems faced by rescue units here differ in many ways from those in Europe, and a text that meets the specific needs of North America is bound to evolve. With the development of highly specialized teams capable of handling extensive and lengthy searches and rescues, utilizing radio nets, helicopter support, and other equally complex equipment, this book may seem elementary. However the chapters on improvised summer and winter rescue methods and equipment should prove of great value to climbers in general, as will the summary on First Aid, and even the most experienced rescue specialist is bound to find a new idea or gain new insight in the possible uses of an already accepted technique. Mountain Rescue Techniques deserves a place on the bookshelf of every climber. Let us hope it is well thumbed.

George R. Sainsbury