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The World Among the Summits: The Julian Alps

The World Among the Summits: The Julian Alps, by Jaka Cop. Ljubljana, Yugoslavia; Drzavna Zalozba Slovenije, 1962. 233 pages, 100 black and white illustrations. Price $5.00.

The author is one of Slovenia’s best known climbers. He is 52 years of age and has been climbing a good share of this time, not only in Slovenia but in the Western and Central Alps as well. He has a wonderful sense of composition and his photographs display the beauties of this extraordinary mountain land. He shows seasonal mountain moods, valleys, peaks, animals, villages, climbing huts, all in the Eastern Alps. Very little descriptive matter is found, and this is in Slovenian. However the reader does not need descriptions as the pictures speak for themselves. There is a short introduction in English in a separate supplement written by Dr. Mima Protocnik of Ljubljana. The book shows a mountain land known to very few American or Western European climbers, and should take its place in our mountain libraries.

Don M. Woods