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Le Diable Des Dolomites

Le Diable Des Dolomites by Tita Piaz. Translated by Felix Germain. Paris: B. Arthaud, 1963. 268 pages, 20 illustrations. 18 francs.

A translation of the autobiography of the guide Tita Piaz, who flourished in the Dolomites in early decades of the 1900’s, and who died in August, 1948. A farrago which includes in the words of the publishers “memories of his infancy and youth, of war and prison; meditations on Alpinism, its history, its travesties and its politics, on the trade of a guide; inflamed diatribes and lyrical prose …” Withal a chatty, personal and absorbing book by an elder who retained, verbally at least, the fire of youth. Recommended as a storehouse of interesting reminiscences.

Thomas H. Jukes