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Idaho Alpine Club

Idaho Alpine Club. This was the fourth year of the Idaho Alpine Club’s existence. Membership increased slightly to a total of 59, and we became incorporated. The climbing committee sponsored a series of lectures on mountaincraft at the monthly meetings. Subjects included were equipment surveys, mountain meteorology, conservation, technical climbing, and survival in electrical storms. In the spring a six-session rock climbing school was scheduled to apply some of the skills in the field and to supply basit and advanced techniques to the rock students. Highlights of the summer outing schedule were climbing and hiking outings to the northern Wind Rivers in May and to the Big Horn Crags in July. Other trips were made to the Tetons and the Sawtooth Mountains. Several ski touring trips were made in the spring in the Teton Pass vicinity. Officers for the year were: William Pulling, president; Dean Millsap, vice-president; Cyril Slansky, secretary; Will Antonson, treasurer.

Barbara B. Brown, Publications Chairman