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Chicago Mountaineering Club

Chicago Mountaineering Club. In August, the Club sponsored its eleventh Western Outing. It was conducted in the Northern Cascade Range in Washington, with Base Camp situated a half mile east of Cascade Pass. The camp was attended by 66 participants. Despite the fact that the outing was beset with inclement weather much of the time, members enjoyed the climbing, hiking and fishing in this beautiful country. The Club also conducted its usual local climbing outings throughout the year at Devils Lake, Wisconsin, and Savanna, Illinois. The safety program was intensified this year, and to augment the usual instruction in safe rock climbing, a belaying tower was installed on the club campground at Devils Lake. Supervised instruction and practice in dynamic belaying are part of training during an outing. At the request of the Wisconsin Department of Conservation, the Club’s Safety Committee instructed their employees in rescue techniques to aid them in potential rescue problems in the rugged terrain at Devils Lake and other parks in the state. Additionally, club members were active in widely scattered climbing areas including Europe, New Zealand and various sections of the United States and Canada.

George Pokorny