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Alaska Alpine Club

Alaska Alpine Club. Numerous week-end trips, particularly in the vicinity of the Club’s hut on the Castner Glacier, were made during the past year. An attempt by a new route was made on the White Princess, but was stopped by severe whiteout conditions a few hundred feet short of the summit. Members of the party included Ron Dewitt, Kim Malville, Clem Rawert, Bucky Wilson, and Morton Wood. Late in the season two previously unclimbed peaks along the southeast branch of the Castner Glacier were climbed. One of them, tentatively named Crescent Peak (8400 feet), was climbed by Jim Mack, Clem Rawert, Jerry Roach, and Bucky Wilson. The other peak, named Summit Spire (8700 feet), was climbed by Claude Philoctete, Clem Rawert, and Jerry Roach.

During the year the Club was incorporated under the laws of the State of Alaska. This was done in order to allow the Club to file for the land on which the Thayer Memorial Hut is located, as a recreational site.

John Dawson, Secretary-Treasurer