Asia, Afghanistan, Koh-i-Kesnikhan

Publication Year: 1964.

Koh-i-Kesnikhan. Sepp Kutschera returned with a group of Austrians to try to climb Koh-i-Kesnikhan (Kishmi-Khan) (c. 23,600 feet), on which he had failed in 1962. This time they avoided much of the long climb on the west ridge and reached the ridge by way of a spur at about 20,000 feet. Kutschera and Werner Pongratz reached the summit on July 27 and Alois Maier and Rainer Weiss the next day. They also climbed two peaks near Warg, Koh-i-Warg (c. 21,325 feet) and Koh-i-Spurditsch (c. 20,670 feet).