Asia, Afghanistan, Expeditions to the Hindu Kush in 1962

Publication Year: 1964.

Swiss Hindu Kush Expedition. Successful first ascents by the expedition led by Max Eiselin are reported in Die Alpen. The group left Kabul by car and traveled through Faizabad and Ishkamish into the Wakhan Corridor and finally to the village of Langar (north of Gilgit), where they arrived on August 16. After a quick look at the Langar valley and the upper Urgend valley (Urgend-e-Bala), they decided on the lower Urgend valley (Urgend-e-Payan). Leaving Urgend on August 20, they climbed in two days to Base Camp at 15,000 feet. On August 26, Dr. Simon Burkhardt, Alois Strickler and Victor Wyss climbed Sirt-e-Urgend-e-Payan ("Snow Peak of the Lower Urgend Valley”) (21,145 feet). Burkhardt, Strickler and Eiselin climbed Koh-e-Urup (18,537 feet) on August 30. Sirt-e-Urgend-e-Bala (23,091 feet) was climbed on September 4 by Burghardt, Strickler, Hanspeter Ryf and Eiselin and on the 7th by Strickler and Wyss.