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South America, Peru, Puscanturpa Group, Cordillera Huayhuash

Puscanturpa Group, Cordillera Huayhuash. A Swiss expedition, led by Christian Hauser and composed of Edwin Schelling, Julius Hensler, Heinz Gebauer, and Walter Schnyder, set up Base Camp on Juraukocha (lake). They made the first ascents of the following: Jurauraju Sur (17,520 feet) on June 25 by Gebauer, Hensler and Hauser along with Felix Marx, who joined the group for a short time; Jurauraju Norte (17,389 feet) on June 27 by Schnyder, Gebauer and Schelling; Cuyoraju (17,454 feet) on June 28 by Hensler and the Peruvian Eliseo Vargas; Cutatambo (17,209 feet) on June 30 by Hauser and the Peruvian Marcelino Morales; Sueroraju (17,815 feet) on July 4 by Hauser and Vargas; and Puscanturpa Sur (18,209 feet) by Hensler and the Peruvian Pedro Baltazar. On June 30 Hensler and Baltazar made the second ascent of Puscanturpa Central (17,854 feet).

C├ęsar Morales Arnao, Club Andino Peruano