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North America, Canada, Arctic, Baffin Island

Baffin Island. The Alpine Club of Canada sponsored a three-week camp on Cumberland Peninsula. Organized by P. D. Baird, the 21 members flew from Montreal to Frobisher Bay on July 30 and then, by charter flying boat, to the head of Pangnirtung Fjord, since the proposed landing on Summit Lake was thwarted by ice. The climax was the second ascent of Mount Asgard (c. 6600 feet) on August 7 by Reverend Sidney Wilkinson, Bruno Egloff, Dr. Donald Morton and me. Assisted by relatively good conditions, we followed the Swiss route. Despite an hour’s survey, our attack on the twin peak failed. Although much of the weather was poor, delaying our return flight from Pangnirtung for a week, numerous climbs were made, primarily in the Weasel Valley, which included nearly a score of first ascents in this area to which little previous attention had been given. Generally speaking, the granite provides unusually good climbing, especially by arctic standards, and the snow, though usually soft, provides few hazards. Some of the rock faces and peaks promise spectacular climbing.

David Atherton, Alpine Club of Canada