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North America, Canada, Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson

Mount Robson. An ascent of Mount Robson by the Kain route was made on April 23 by J. Vin Hoeman, Dave P. Johnston, and Pete H. Robinson from Colorado State University. An intermediate camp was placed on the Dome, from which the summit was reached in 4ΒΌ hours. The entire climb from the A.C.C. hut was on snow and ice, and was probably the first ascent of the mountain under winter conditions.

Mount Alberta, Rockies. An attempted first ascent of the west face of Mount Alberta by George Whitmore, John Hudson, Doug Tompkins and me was halted on July 27 200 feet below the summit snowcap by severe electrical storms. The steep face was covered with ice and the climbing was similar to a winter ascent. All four of us suffered from leg and hand cramps, which hampered rappelling. Three had mildly frostbitten fingers and toes.

Arthur Gran