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Edwin Muller, Jr., 1892-1963



Edwin Muller, a roving editor of the Reader’s Digest for more than 25 years, died in Good Hill, Kent, Connecticut on September 20 at the age of 71. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky on March 23, 1892, the son of a Presbyterian minister, graduated from Princeton in 1914 with a B.A. degree and spent one year in the Harvard Law School. He left law school in 1916 to join Doubleday, Page & Co. but resigned to become a partner with Herbert S. Houston in a publishing venture. His interest in mountain climbing resulted in magazine articles that appeared in the Saturday Evening Post, Collier’s and other periodicals and led to his joining the Reader’s Digest. During his years as roving editor he covered much of the world and was a war correspondent in Europe during World War II. His climbing record was not large, but he loved the mountains, reading about them, writing about them and climbing them as well as he could. He had been in a number of Alpine areas and also visited the Canadian Rockies and Selkirks. He joined the American Alpine Club in 1928 and fully enjoyed his membership. In addition to a small book, They Climbed the Alps, in his last years he wrote articles on his Alpine flight with Hermann Geiger and about the guide, Otto Furrer, whom he had known. He is survived by his widow, the former Mary Thayer, and a son by a previous marriage.

J. Monroe Thorington