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Iowa Mountaineers

Iowa Mountaineers. The club found 1962 to be an active year, its twenty-third of operation since its founding in 1940. The club now has 368 Active and Expedition members who reside in 38 states and five foreign countries. In addition it has a large number of Associate and Travelogue members. The yearly turnover in the latter two categories is over 45% because many local members graduate or leave the University of Iowa. Twenty-six club members now belong to the American Alpine Club and 21 members to the Alpine Club of Canada.

During the year 27 weekend outings were sponsored, including 10 instructional climbing outings to the Mississippi Palisades in Illinois and Devils Lake in Wisconsin. Ten conditioning hikes were held, two of which were 29 miles in length. The Amana dinner hikes were again popular this year and attracted an average attendance of 63 members. The fall get-acquainted hike attracted 83 participants despite an all-day drizzly rain. Increased interest was shown in ice skating and skiing. Fifteen members spent a week skiing at Aspen, Colorado. The annual banquet in April attracted 106 members from six states. A new two-ton Dodge truck chassis was bought for the club bus body. This invaluable vehicle is used to haul members on weekend outings and to haul camp equipment on the summer outing. Sixteen Sunday afternoon film lectures were sponsored with an average attendance of 634 people. This series is now one of the oldest motion picture color adventure programs in the country.

The summer camp under the leadership of John Ebert was held in the Tonquin Valley of Jasper Park, Alberta. Base Camp was located on the shore of Amethyst Lake at the foot of the Rampart Range. Seventy-seven members attended. Despite unsettled weather which limited the climbing on many of the more challenging peaks, ascents were made of Surprise Point, Parapet, Outpost, Memorial, Maccarib Mountain, Paragon, Oldhorn, Majestic Mountain, and Clitheroe. The summer camp in 1963 will be in the Crags Meadow area of Colorado with side trips planned to neighboring peaks including ascents of the East Face of Longs Peak. The outing will be especially tailored to include both basic and advanced rock climbing instruction. Plans are also in the advanced stage for the club’s 1964 European Climbing Outing and the 1965 Peruvian Expedition.

John Ebert, President