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Colorado Mountain Club

Colorado Mountain Club. 1962 has been the Fiftieth Anniversary Year of the Colorado Mountain Club, and during the year the members joined an increased number of activities to promote climbing, to enhance mountaineering safety, and to make the general public aware of the rewards available to them and their children through mountaineering. The club’s conservation program has been reorganized and energized in order to provide a more effective voice in conservation from Colorado.

Last spring the Lindley Hut Winter Outing in the Elk Range near Aspen was held for ski touring and winter climbing. Because spring had not yet come to this high country and the avalanche hazard was nearly gone, the outing was a winter mountaineer’s paradise. The Alaskan Outing to Mount McKinley National Park in July was well attended even though the club’s Crestone Outing was held at approximately the same time in the Sangre de Cristo Range of Colorado. On August 19 an attempt was made to have club members climb all 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado in one day. The weather was somewhat stormy in various parts of the state, and this resulted in only 47 of the 53 peaks being successfully climbed. A mountaineering convention at Estes Park was held over the Labor Day weekend which drew 575 climbers who participated in one or more of a dozen workshops ranging from expedition organization, moderated by Nicholas Clinch and Harold Walton, to mountaineering equipment handled by Gerry Cunningham and LeRoy Holubar. In August the Diamond on the east face of Longs Peak was attempted by Dale Johnson and John Wharton; then during the same week it was successfully climbed by Charles Roskosz and Layton Kor. All except Mr. Wharton are from Boulder, Colorado. The Denver and Boulder technical climbing groups were active throughout the year on ascents in Colorado and the neighboring states.

Allen Auten and Richard Pownall from the Denver and Boulder Groups of the CMC, respectively, were chosen as members of the American Mount Everest Expedition 1963. Sir Edmund Hillary was made an honorary member of the CMC during the year.

After several years of plotting, photographing, and sketching, the club has completed an eighteen-foot long Front Range Panorama of the 140 miles of mountains as viewed from Denver. The panorama has been published and is available from the CMC offices in Denver. In addition, the CMC prepared the 4th edition of the Guide to the Colorado Mountains which will be placed on sale early in 1963.

Kenneth R. Wright