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Peruvian Ascents. Peruvian climbers continued to make ascents. In the western volcanos Alfredo del Arroyo, Itaru Nishimura, Raoul Patrucco and Alberto Ruibal made the first winter ascent and perhaps the third ascent of Sarasara (19,029 feet) on January 3. Arturo and Erik Soriano Bernardini with Victor Milla made the fourth ascent of Yanasinga (17,881 feet) and the first traverse from San Andrés (16,897 feet) in the Cordillera Central on June 23. It appears that San Andrés had been ascended only four times previously. Yanasinga Este (16,733 feet) was climbed perhaps for the first time on July 1 by Arturo Soriano B, Doris Morales Arnao and Henry Surber. The Cordillera Huaytapallana was the scene of several ascents. On July 28, Inocencio and Pánfilo Mamani, Hugo Desme, Juan Melgar, Teresa Lindo, Vidal Palacios and Máximo Lara made the second ascent of Lasuntay (18,964 feet) at the same time that César Morales Arnao, Arturo Soriano B, Carlos Milla, Alfredo del Arroyo, Julio Macedo, and Olinda Morales López made the climb by a new route, the south glacier. On August 29, the Englishmen Mervin Owen and David Porter and the Italians Otello Cantoni and Gioacchino Falconio made the first ascent of Lasuntay Norte (17,717 feet). In this same range Bruno, Haydee, and Roberto Velaochaga and Otto Fernández made the first ascent of Cacssa Hayde (17,061 feet) on July 28. In the Cordillera La Viuda César Morales Arnao, Arturo Soriano B, Alfredo del Arroyo, Felix Marx, Alberto Ruibal, Jorge Rodríguez, Javier Torres, Máximo Guimaray, Henry Surber, Doris Morales Arnao, Máximo Luna, Narciso Robles, Nancy Meza, Elias López, Juan Rodríguez, Capitán J. Gaviria, Teniente L. Ormae and Julio Escobar made on October 14 the second ascent of Lechicocha (17,061 feet) ; on August 12 Julio Escobar, Grimaldo Robles and Simeón Hidalgo made the fifth ascent of Rajuntay (18,537 feet). In the Cordillera Carabaya, Grimaldo Murrillo Dueñas and Marcelino Tomayconza made the first ascent of Kururana (18,537 feet) on July 28.

César Morales Arnao, Club Andino Peruano

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