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Stanford Alpine Club

Stanford Alpine Club. The Stanford Alpine Club was very active during 1961, but as most of the members are new and inexperienced, the quality of the climbs has not matched that of climbs in previous years. There is a practice climb every week end and at least two week-end climbs during the school quarter. Beginners are encouraged to participate in the practice climbs, where climbing technique and safety are taught.

In the spring, before most of the club’s experienced members graduated, a number of good climbs were made. During spring vacation Fred Smith, Tom Cathcart, Steve Jervis, Denis Wilson, Rich Baidinger, and Dave Boore climbed Shiprock in New Mexico. In Yosemite Valley climbs included Lost Arrow from the notch, E1 Capitán Tree, Higher Cathedral Spire, and Rixon’s Pinnacle.

During the summer climbing was done on an individual basis with no organized club activity. Steve Jervis, past president of the Harvard Mountaineering Club and a graduate student in English at Stanford, led the HMC expedition to the Mount Waddington region in British Columbia.

David Boore, President