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Sierra Club

Sierra Club. Probably one of the most important mountaineering events to occur in the Sierra Club happened at the administrative level with the appointment of Nick Clinch as the new Mountaineering Committee Chairman. Nick, who comes to this position especially well qualified, also has started to show the enthusiasm that went into his successful Karakoram ventures. Two new Sub-Committees have already been established, Mountain Records and Training. The first is attempting to analyze the register situation in the Sierra Nevada. Where are they and what needs them? The type of container will also be considered. The Training Committee is a new field for the Club Committee and will attempt to coordinate the existing mountaineering courses and encourage the establishment of others. Increased mountain safety is the goal. Of unusual interest was the recent meeting in Berkeley, California, called by Nick Clinch, to discuss a uniform climbing classification system. Representatives of the Sierra Club, Yosemite Climbing Club, American Alpine Club, the Teton Climber’s Guide, and the yet to be completed Yosemite Valley Climber’s Guide were present. Preliminary progress was evident and the meeting left much encouragement toward the aim of a national climbing classification system. It is also interesting to note that the 30th Anniversary of the Cragmont Climbing Club will be observed March 24, 1962. This group later became the Rock Climbing Section of the Sierra Club’s Bay Chapter, the first organized rock climbing group in the Club. The event will be celebrated in style at Cragmont Rock in Berkeley followed by a traditional climber’s dinner in Tilden Park. All former RCS members have been invited.

Richard C. Houston, Mountaineering Committee