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Mountaineering Club of Alaska

Mountaineering Club of Alaska. Our members began their 1961 activities by following on snowshoes the historic 30-mile trail over Crow Pass in January. Lack of snow made travel difficult, and the seven took 3½ days to complete the journey. An April attempt on Mount Redoubt (11,076 feet) failed 500 feet below the summit in a severe storm. Mount Gilbert (9650 feet) in the Chugach Range was first climbed by a party of five in May. During the summer the Club, together with the Alaska Rescue Group, again held "glacier school,” to initiate novices in the delights of snow and ice work and to teach safety on glaciers. Four climbers from the MCA and the Alaska Alpine Club failed to climb Mount Russell as their route was threatened by the constant fall of ice avalanches. In September, a group of five made a six-day trek to Mount Gerdine (12,600 feet) but succeeded in climbing only a lesser peak of the Alaska Range. Several peaks in the Chugach and Talkeetna Mountains were climbed on various weekend outings sponsored by the Club.

Helga Bading