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Iowa Mountaineers

Iowa Mountaineers. The past year was one of the most active in the club’s history. A total of 42 activities were sponsored with the membership again passing the 1000 mark, including the four classes of membership. The local outdoor activities were especially well attended with 60 to 70 people turning out for the dinner hikes and week-end climbing outings. Fifty-five new members were given rock climbing instruction. Club members now reside in 43 states.

Sixteen color-film travelog programs were sponsored with an average attendance of 560 persons per program. Visiting climbers presented six informal programs.

Two major summer outings were sponsored. A 12-day camp operated at Horsethief Lake in the Needles of the Black Hills of South Dakota, with 42 members attending. Ascents included 12 of the major needles and numerous minor rock pinnacles, and registers were placed on the major needles climbed. Twelve outing members also climbed nearby Devils Tower in Wyoming.

Thirty-three members participated in the Peruvian expedition with Base Camp located in the Llanganuco valley of the Cordillera Blanca. It was one of the largest climbing groups to work out of a back-region base camp in a foreign mountain range. The expedition was amazingly successful considering that most members were only in the camp for two to three weeks. Twenty-four members climbed Pisco (19,000 feet); 10 persons ascended Chopicalqui (20,998 feet); three people climbed Pisco Este (19,000 feet); three members climbed Rami-Rami (17,100 feet) near Huaraz; four members climbed Mount Meigs (18,000 feet) near the summit of the Trans-Andean Highway. A party of two came within 500 feet of the summit of the east peak of Huandoy (19,685 feet); several parties were turned back by dangerous snow cornices near the north and south summits of Yanapaccha (c. 17,900 feet); a party of eight turned back at the saddle of Huascarán because of complications with a Spanish rescue operation; and a party of eight turned back on Nevado Contrahierbas (19,803 feet) because of insufficient time. The climbing staff included leader John Ebert; assistant leader Harold Walton; Hubert and Hans Schlapschi; Harold Goodro; Douglas Kerr; and Ija Korner.

John Ebert, Outing Director