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A.A.C., Rocky Mountain Section

A.A.C., Rocky Mountain Section. Nick Clinch showed his pictures of the 1960 Masherbrum Expedition at the year’s first meeting on February 13, 1961. Included in the winter and spring programs were slides of Mount St. Elias by Bill Buckingham; Gaston Rebuffat’s film, Starlight and Storm; an account by George Bell of the 1960 Masherbrum Expedition; and Bob Swift’s account of the ascent of Rakaposhi.

An informal meeting was held on September 25 at Andrews Black’s Denver Country Day School to welcome Dr. and Mrs. T. Howard Somervell who were en route from India to England. Dr. Somervell, who was a member of the 1922 and 1924 British Mount Everest Expeditions, spoke of these early expeditions and showed slides. Those of us who had the opportunity to visit with the Somervells found them to be stimulating and exciting people.

Our members continue to be active in conservation, mountain rescue, and mountain climbing and skiing, largely through the well-established local groups which we support. Plans continue for the accumulation of a special collection of mountaineering and alpine literature in the Denver Public Library.

Frank C. Campbell, Chairman