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Asia, China, Amne Machin

Amne Machin. The Alpine Journal of November, 1961, carries an interesting article written by Pai Chin-Hsiao, leader of a Chinese expedition which claims the first ascent of Amne Machin. It will be recalled that this peak was reported to be very high indeed and that at times it was stated to be higher than Mount Everest. The Chinese expedition gives it an altitude of 7160 meters (23,491 feet). From a high camp at about 21,000 feet the party climbed to the summit on June 2, 1960. In the summit group were the leader, Liu Chao-chang, Wang Hung-pao, Wang Wen-chang, Ho Hui-chih, Ai Shun-feng, Chou Pin-wei and Ting Yuan-tsung.