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South America, Chile, Fifth Patagonian Expedition of the Club Andino Bariloche

Fifth Patagonian Expedition of the Club Andino Bariloche. Manolo Puentes Blanco, Arnoldo Gramaje, Tito Juárez, Oscar Palacios and Enrique Busch undertook to discover the Vodadahue Cascade, mentioned by the Franciscan monk Menéndez at the end of the 17th century. They left Puerto Montt on January 3, 1962 and by boat ascended the lower part of the Río Vadadahue from the Comau Fjord of Ancud Gulf. They continued upstream on foot, though bothered by thickets until, on January 15, they found the famous waterfall on a tributary to the main stream. They crossed the frontier into Argentina on January 24 and reached Lago Menéndez by the Río Alerce valley. On the Argentine side they ran out of food and had to travel for a number of days without anything to eat.

Vojslav Arko, Club Andino Bariloche