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South America, Peru, Peruvian Ascents

Peruvian Ascents. A number of peaks were climbed by Peruvians and by people living in Peru during the past year. The following were first ascents: Yanasinga Central (17,782 feet) on April 29 by Alberto Canaval; Diente del Yanasinga (17,061 feet) on May 12 by Colin Darbyshire and Canaval; Lechecocha (16,733 feet) on May 1 by Canaval, Darbyshire and Tomás Lama Cabada; Pico Lesli (16,897 feet) by Beverley Clark, Darbyshire and Lama on August 20 (the last two are in the Cordillera Central) ; Diente de la Viuda (16,404 feet) on September 24 by Darbyshire and John Offord; Peaks 17,061 and 17,389 of the Venturosa group of the Cordillera Central on June 15 by R. Stern, Paul Halter and Helene Ferro and Peaks 16,404 and 17,717 of that group on July 29 by the same climbers, who approached through the Casapalca region. Also in the Cordillera Central, Palomo (17,416 feet) was climbed on April 4 by Raoul Patrucco, Carlos Rotalde and Marco Brevio and Anticona Norte (17,389 feet) was ascended on November 27 by Alfredo Arroyo, Arturo Soriano Bernadini and L. Fernández. Huaytapallana Sudeste (Southeast) (18,045) in the Cordillera Huaytapallana was ascended for the third time on April 23 by Alberto Ruibal, Panfilo Mamani and Víctor Palomino. In the Cordillera Central (Viuda group) Rajuntay (18,537 feet) was climbed on June 16 for the third time by Helene Ferro and Arturo Soriano and for the fourth time on a new route up the western glacier by Peter Bebbington and Offord on October 24. Fifth ascents were recorded of San Andrés (16,897 feet) in the Viuda group of the Cordillera Central on May 10 by R. Patrucco, M. Brevio, Stefano Varese and José Navarro and of Ishinka (18,045 feet) in the Cordillera Blanca on June 16 by R. Patrucco, Marcello Costa and Giorgio Costa.

César Morales Arnao, Club Andino Peruano