North America, Canada, Interior Ranges, Selkirk Mountains, Ascents in the Selkirk Range

Publication Year: 1962.

Ascents in the Selkirk Range. A number of seldom-climbed peaks in the Selkirks were ascended by a geological field party under the leadership of J. O. Wheeler, and including David Norris from McMaster University and John Ricker, Hugh Naylor, Oz Sexsmith, and Ken MacKenzie from the University of British Columbia. Ascents included Mounts Merlin, Graham, Moloch, Purity, Findhorn, Tomatin, Fortitude, Tupper, Edfalls, and Fang Rock. The party completed geologic mapping of the Rogers Pass map area (latitude 51-52°, longitude 117-118°). Earlier in the summer members of the same party made a number of climbs in the Rockies, including Forbes, Lyell No. 2, and LaClytte. Another geological party in the Selkirks made some ascents in the Adamant region. Peter Fox and Parker Williams put up a new rock route on the north face of Sentinel Peak and also climbed Austerity and West Blackfriar.

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