North America, United States, Alaska, Mount McKinley

Publication Year: 1962.

Mount McKinley. Aside from the ascents mentioned elsewhere in this journal, Mount McKinley was climbed by three parties, all of which used the West Buttress route. On May 11 John Graham, leader, U. S. National Park Ranger Richard Stenmark and the Swiss guides Adolf Reist and Felix Julen reached the summit. A Canadian party from the British Columbia Mountaineering Club, led by Werner Himmelsbach and consisting of James Woodfield, Ralph Hutchinson and John Wilson, climbed the mountain on May 21. W. E. Blanchard, leader, Jules Eichorn, Richard Kauttman, Dr. Jack Henry, Dr. Bruce Meyer, Monay Alford, Charles Saylor and Don Gordon made the ascent on July 14.

The following statistics were given by Bradford Washburn: 110 persons have climbed the South Peak in 23 ascents. 27 persons have climbed the North Peak in 7 ascents. 13 persons have climbed both peaks. 1 woman (Barbara [Mrs. H. Bradford] Washburn) has climbed both peaks.

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