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Chicago Mountaineering Club

Chicago Mountaineering Club. 1960 was the twentieth year of the club’s operation; the organization now has 158 members with 50 qualified rope leaders. The year’s activities once again consisted of training and rockclimbing week-ends throughout the year at Devils Lake State Park, Wisconsin; Mississippi Palisades State Park near Savanna, Illinois; and two winter outings at Starved Rock State Park, Illinois. The club had no serious accidents this year.

The highlight of the club’s activity was the purchase of land for its own campground near Devils Lake, Wisconsin. This was necessitated by the overwhelmingly large crowds in the state park campground. The ownership of our own campground close to the finest rock for climbing in the Midwest, gives us many advantages over the former camping facilities. With 95 acres of wilderness-like surroundings, the club offers the use of its campground to any mountaineering organization.

The club did not sponsor a western outing this year; however, many members climbed in the Tetons and the Rockies of the western states and Canada. Several members joined the Iowa Mountaineers in the Idaho Sawtooths and also participated on their Alaska trip. Other summer activities included Frances Mullen’s trip to the Salzkammergut of Austria and the Piz Bernina; Don and Gwen Simpson climbed in the Pyrenees and the Swiss and Italian Alps; Lothar Kolbig climbed in Africa; Lucio and Vittoria Mondolfo, Barbara Palser and Ed Porter attended the ACC camp; Ernst Kuncl taught rock climbing at a boys’ summer camp in Colorado and made several ascents of the east face of Longs Peak; and Herb Keishold led a group up Devils Tower and the Durrance Ridge of Symmetry Spire in Wyoming.

The 1961 biennial western outing will be held in Glacier, British Columbia, in the early part of August.

GEORGE POKORNY, Outing Chairman