Alpine Club of Canada

Publication Year: 1961.

Alpine Club of Canada. The 1960 ski camp was held at Berg Lake near Mount Robson during the Easter holidays, April 15-28. Ski conditions on the way to Berg Lake were not of the best owing to the late date of the camp. However, everyone had an enjoyable time.

The annual summer camp was held at Fryatt Creek in Jasper National Park July 17-30 with 130 people attending. The trail to camp was very beautiful and comparatively easy despite the last mile and a half of rough creek bed. The original plan to cross the Athabasca River by boat had to be abandoned owing to high water, and it was necessary to drive in the three miles on the Geraldine Lake road near Athabasca Falls and then hike approximately 11 miles. The weather during camp was well-nigh perfect except for a shower or two on the weekend of the annual meeting. Ascents were made of Brussels, Christie, Fryatt, Olympus, Belanger, Parnassus, Lowell, and The Three Blind Mice as well as a number of trips made to the lakes and meadows adjoining camp.

The Canadian Icefields Expedition under Hans Gmoser’s leadership attempted to establish a Haute Ski Route along the crest of the Rockies, a route comparable to the existing Alpine High Level Route from Zermatt to Chamonix in the Alps. This was tried in the spring, but was not too successful because of the adverse weather conditions.

W. C. Ledingham, Secretary-Treasurer