Asia, Afghanistan, Polish Hindu Kush Expedition

Publication Year: 1961.

Polish Hindu Kush Expedition. This group, under the leadership of Boleslaw Chwascinski, was in the field from July 12 to October 19. They made the second ascent of Noshaq (24,574 feet) on August 27, just ten days after the first ascent made by the Japanese, an account of which appears earlier in this Journal. They also made three first ascents in the main chain of the Hindu Kush: Asp-e-Safed (21,326 feet), Roh-e-Daros (19,521 feet) and Horpusz-e-Jach (19,521 feet). Other members of the expedition were Krzysztof Berbeka, Stanislaw Biel, Jerzy Krajski, Stanislaw Kulinski, Jan Mostowski, Zbigniew Rubinowski, and Stanislaw Zierhofier.