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Africa, Uganda, Sierra Club Ruwenzori Expedition

Sierra Club Ruwenzori Expedition. (Although this group made no first ascents, it is included here because the region has not been visited often by Americans.—Editor.) On this fifth in a series of informal expeditions sponsored by the Outing Committee of the Sierra Club, the 17 members met in Kampala, Uganda, on July 19. We approached Base Camp above Bujuku Lake by the usual three-day route from the Ibanda roadhead, northwest of Kasese. For the carry to Bujuku, 75 porters were required and five of these generally excellent men were retained for work higher. Because of the variety of vacation plans, not all members remained in the mountains for the full three weeks. Even so, enthusiasm and remarkably fine weather allowed the following ascents to be completed between July 22 and August 10: Speke Group, west face of Vittorio Emanuele Peak (16,042 feet), normal route from Bukuju; Baker Group, Edward Peak (15,889 feet), normal route from Kitandara Hut; Luigi di Savoia Group, Weismann Peak (15,157 feet), normal route from Kitandara Hut; Stanley Group, Margherita Peak (16,763 feet), normal route from Elena Hut, Moebius Peak (16,134 feet), south to north traverse, and Alexandra Peak, south to north traverse. Much of the success and pleasure of the trip was due to the kind hospitality, help and advice of members of the Mountain Club of Uganda. The trip was organized on a non-profit basis with expenses shared by the members. The median cost was $590, round trip Kampala, but did not include personal equipment and travel costs to Africa. The trip was organized and led by Douglas R. Powell and Alfred W. and Gail Baxter. Other members were Ija Korner, James Bennett, Stanley Birge, Robert Elliott, Lothar Kolbig, Michael and Phyllis McMillan, Margaret Prouty, John Tupper, Michael Wright, Christopher and Mary Young, Fletcher Dutton, and Nicholas Ellena.

Alfred W. Baxter, Jr.