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South America, Chile, Chilean-Japanese Expedition to the Central Cordillera

Chilean-Japanese Expedition to the Central Cordillera. The expedition which was still in the field when the last A.A.J. went to press (see A.A.J., 1960, 12:1, p. 151) added to the list of first ascents already reported the following, all of which were in the Río Colorado valley, northwest of Portillo, the ski resort: Cerro Expeditión (16,733 feet), Cerro Amarillo (16,575 feet), Monjas (15,020 feet), Columpios del Diablo (both peaks, ca. 14,100 feet). They also made the second ascent of the Nevado Leiva (15,290 feet). Participating were the Japanese N. Ota, H. Tamba, H. Toyoda, and the Chileans, J. Bocaz, H. Duránd, L. Gamboa, G. Mills, G. Muga, and M. Puig. This phase of the expedition took place from March 10 to April 4.

Evelio Echevarría