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North America, Canada, British Columbia, Kane Peak, Kokanee Group, Selkirks

Kane Peak, Kokanee Group, Selkirks. In the latter part of June, Pat Hoadley, Stu Krebs, Stan Shepard and I packed in to the Joker Lakes in the Kokanee Group of the southern Selkirks. On June 23 we made what was apparently the first ascent of Kane Peak, the highest peak of the sawtooth ridge lying east of the lakes. From the upper end of the higher lake, we gained the southwest ridge of a small peak lying south of Kane Peak. This corniced ridge was followed over the summit of the peak and then over another somewhat higher peak. Finally, steep snow slopes just east of the south ridge of Kane Peak led to its jagged summit ridge. We continued the traverse by descending near the north ridge and then glissading back down to the lakes.

William J. Buckingham