Iowa Mountaineers

Publication Year: 1960.

Iowa Mountaineers. The Club enjoyed an unusually active and successful year in 1959. Twenty-one week-end outings were sponsored including 10 instructional climbing outings to the Mississippi Palisades State Park in Illinois and to Devils Lake State Park in Wisconsin. The Sunday Amana, Iowa dinner-hikes were especially popular and attracted an average of 55 participants. One hiking group consisting of an equal number of men and women traveled 29 miles in 10 hours. Sixteen professional adventure film- lectures were sponsored with an average attendance of 556 members and guests. Among the lecturers were Maynard Miller, Colin Wyatt, and Hans Gmoser.

The Summer Camp under the leadership of John Ebert was held in the Bugaboos of British Columbia from August 11 through August 28. Fifty- seven members participated. The club completely outfitted its own base camp and high camp and provided its own tracking service. The weather was excellent for the first four days and then gradually worsened, so that most of the climbing was accomplished under highly adverse conditions. Nine of the major peaks in the area were ascended by from one to nine different climbing parties; among these peaks were Snowpatch, Bugaboo Spire, Marmolada, and Pigeon Spire. The climbing leaders included Allen Auten, Whitney Borland, Harvey Carter, and Arthur Spaulding from Colorado; Bill Echo of Idaho; Felix Hagerman and Rod Harris from Illinois; Hans Gmoser and Bruno Matteotti from Canada; and the outing leader.

The 1960 summer camps will be held in the Sawtooths of Idaho from August 8 to August 18 and in Castner Glacier and/or the Valdez area of Alaska in early August.

John Ebert, President