Harvard Mountaineering Club

Publication Year: 1960.

Harvard Mountaineering Club. The club was very active during 1959, both locally and on the "big mountains.” There were several club expeditions, the principal one of which was the Nepalese expedition with John Humphreys, John Noxon, Frederick Dunn, and Caspar Cronk.

In August the H.M.C. sponsored its biennial climbing camp in the form of a three-week, 50-mile traverse in the Purcell Range of British Columbia. Before the camp Craig Merrihue, Michael Wortis, Leo Slaggie, Boyd Everett, and Keith Kerney attempted to climb the northwest arête of Mount Robson. The attempt failed several hundred vertical feet below the summit owing to poor snow conditions. Robert Page, Richard Wylie, and Albert Nickerson climbed Mount Victoria on another precamp trip, as did Craig Merrihue after the Mount Robson attempt. After the camp there was additional climbing in the Tetons and also in the Boulder, Colorado, area.

Other summer trips were made by Doug Anger to the Battle Range of British Columbia; Henry Hall to Europe; Adams Carter to Peru; Leif- Norman Patterson to Scandinavia and with William Gardiner to Switzerland; Boyd Everett to Alaska with Larry Nielson; Nile Albright to Alaska and Mount Rainier; and Gordon Benner as assistant leader on the Sierra Club Wind River trip.

The local climbing schedule was crowded with the usual enthusiasm for rock and ice climbing. During the course of an unusually cold winter all five ice gullies on Mount Washington were climbed.

The largest issue to date of Harvard Mountaineering, Number 14, was published in May. In cooperation with the Appalachian Mountain Club and the U. S. Forest Service the club has been organizing a technical rescue team to cover New England climbing areas. In addition the club continues to sponsor its usual leadership program and first-aid instruction.

Robert A. Page, Jr., President