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South America, Chile, Lago Argentino and the Southern Patagonian Continental Icecap

Lago Argentino and the Southern Patagonian Continental Icecap. During January and February a strong Centro Andino Buenos Aires Expedition operated in this zone. Because of the failure of boat transportation on Lage Argentino, the group was diverted to a point 30 miles south of their original objectives. There, after crossing the southern arm of the lake, they ascended the Dickson Glacier to the Polonia Ice Plateau. Severe storms caused the failure to climb Cerro Cubo. A two week period of very bad weather with hurricane winds tore the tents and made the occupants build ice caves. After this forced inactivity, the climbers had to retreat because of a shortage of food. The leader was Jorge Peterek and the members were Pablo Dudzinski, Andrés Bukowinski, Andrés Patewski, Jorge Insúa, Julio E. Carrera Pereyra, Pedro Cardani, Carlos Meaglia, Jorge Castiglioni. Jochen Groos, Labib Helou and Eduardo Klenk.

JoaquÍn Allolio, Centro Andino Buenos Aires