South America, Peru, Peruvian Ascents

Publication Year: 1960.

Peruvian Ascents. Peruvian climbers made two first ascents: Cochamarca (15,910 feet) in the Cordillera Raura south of the Huayhuash giants was climbed on May 15 by Máximo Luna Jiménez and Pascual Papa Castillo of the Club Andino Oyón; Leoncocha (17,110 feet) in the Cordillera La Viuda was ascended on September 13 by Richard Nigel Gallop and Lorenzo R. Polanelli of the Club Andinista Cordillera Blanca. Other ascents included the following: in the Cordillera Central, La Yiuda (17,060 feet) on May 29 by Arturo Soriano and Roberto Sten of the Club Andinista Cordillera Blanca, San Andrés (17,390 feet) on June 12 by the same pair and Polanelli, and Tunshu (18,725 feet) on July 29 by Derek and Janet Fabian of the Club Andino Lima; and in the Cordillera Vilcanota, Chimboya (16,735 feet) on June 29 by the Fabians. On August 9 Padre Alberto González, Carlos Maguiña and I led a group of 35 students of the San Francisco de Sales Seminary of Huaraz to the summit of Raimondi (17,860 feet), which rises above the glaciers of Tullparaju. These students were making their first geographical studies in the field.

César Morales Arnao, Club Andinista Cordillera Blanca