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North America, Mexico, Miura Bulls, an Unusual Mountaineering Hazard

Miura Bulls, an unusual mountaineering hazard. One of our best local climbers here (Mexico City—Editor), Carlos Palomé, has just climbed the Grand Teton. He considers the bison he saw there just a shade less dangerous than the Miura bulls, the most aristocratic breed of fighting bulls brought over from Spain for the bull-ring. These are the bulls most feared by the matadores. Sometimes we poor mountaineers have found ourselves unwittingly in the presence of these animals. Though we try to keep clear of their pastures, by some miscalculation we find them where not expected. They are fenced off the open highways and kept in the back hills. In order to keep up their spirit, these bulls are not driven or corralled but left to shift for themselves. Their owners sometimes think a steep, bare, rocky ridge is a barrier for them, but it hardly is for us and we find ourselves among them. These bulls are not so dangerous in herds but a bull cut off from the main group is to be avoided.

Otis McAllister